What To Expect At The Closing Table In Cherry Hill

What To Expect At The Closing Table In Cherry Hill

ˆThe whole process home selling and purchasing process is an emotionally charged period that usually lasts between 15-60 days. This process ends at the closing table. Usually, the buyers’ party and selling party have the closings separately. Below Find out what to expect at the closing table in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

Buyers At Cherry Hill Closing

As the home buyer, there are certain things you can expect at the closing table. Focus on these 3 key things.


Usually, you will meet at an attorney’s office and sometimes at an escrow office. Great real estate agents will have prepared you when it comes to closing. Real estate agents are there to help explain any questions that you may have. Oftentimes, the attorney guides you through the different documents as you sign. Maker certain you have all of your identification and your final funds check made payable if you haven’t already. Either your attorney or your real estate agent will confirm with the escrow office about the amounts and instructions. When wiring funds, make certain all the details are set and ready. Only take instructions directly from the source and be extremely wary of email. Make certain it isn’t someone trying to steal your funds. Its happened. Your mortgage company will take care of your wire funds for your loan.


Carpal tunnel is going to be your new best friend once you are done signing all those documents. You may have already signed all of the mortgage documents. It’s going to look like a famous writer’s book signing. Just please, don’t sharpie your attorney’s chest. It isn’t part of the process. Other than these documents you have to sign your escrow settlement estimates, a notice of your right to rescind, HUD-1 Settlement statements, and more. Also, you will find yourself signing documents regarding the property deed and title transfer. At any point during the paperwork don’t feel pressured and feel free to ask any questions regarding the paperwork. Don’t just sign. We want you to feel comfortable.


The final and last step is to move into your new home. If you didn’t get your keys at closing make certain that the how is worked out. Your agent should be on top of that one. Thats what they are there for… to cut the stress out. Use them. A good real estate agent will help you even after they get their check from the closing. Congrats on being a new Cherry Hill, New Jersey homeowner!


The Home Seller Closing Table In Cherry Hill
What To Expect At The Closing Table In Cherry Hill

Sellers At Cherry Hill Closing

Home Seller closing a much easier process in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. You will finally be getting the return from your home hitting your bank accounts. Oftentimes, closing is done remotely by the attorney and there is no formal sit down like there is for a home buyer.  Here is what you can expect at the closing table.


You are going to want to bring your identification documents along with any bank information that your wire transfer should go to so that everything is confirmed. While these items are oftentimes prepared before closing, bring them with you to confirm things. The last thing you want is Bernie Madoff getting your funds’ transfer.


Like the buyer, you have your own stack of papers to work with, such as settlement documents to closeout any loans on the property, deed transfer documents & release of funds for the realtors’ commissions as well as any additional lien holders for the house.  You want to make sure everything on the paperwork is correct. Your attorney should review this along with you & your realtor will be there as well as a closing officer to assist you.


You did it!  You sold your home. Your property should have been cleared out and you will be handing over the keys to the new buyers. It’s not an ending, it’s a new beginning. Enjoy it!


Get Advice Before Closing

Great realtors always guide you through the process and are there to guide you and make sure you make the right choices buying or selling a home. Speak with your realtor so you are prepared for the final closing in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Your real estate agent is there to help you understand the process and understanding the process it will make one of the most stressful experiences easy.


Common Closing Purchases

People usually buy Ring products such as the Doorbell or the Ring Exterior Spotlight. It’s an awesome feature because it allows you to see and hear what’s going on as well as speak to people outside your home. It notifies you of any movement and because of its massive popularity has community groups that discuss things happening in the neighborhood or if there is something to watch out for if a crime spree happens to enter your neighborhood.

The other hot item people buy is an Amazon Alexa specialized for your kids or for your needs. There is nothing like moving into your home and having that space age feel. Alexa, put the kids to sleep please. 😉



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