Ultimate Real estate investing Resources in Cherry Hill

Ultimate Real estate investing Resources in Cherry Hill

So you want to get started in Real Estate investing in Cherry Hill, New Jersey in South Jersey?

ˆGood. When real estate investing, always doing your homework means you won’t get into problems later on. Many people fear investing so these tools will help. With this Realtor’s help, you’ll be a monster.

we use them from time to time and they are great real estate investing resources in Cherry Hill for investors.  they are a great way to tap into for quick research on your investments.

Luckily, most of these tools are FREE & we will constantly be adding to this list and our blog, so keep an eye out!

Here are a few sites you should get to know:


Zillow has some serious data, being one of the largest real estate websites out there. They publish real estate data to their blog all the time and study it.

The CEO of Zillow, Spencer Rascoff, said their company’s best asset was their “living database of all homes”.

The Zestimate tool is as accurate as spinning two machine guns together and spinning them. You really never know what you’re gonna get.

you can leverage Zillow and get to know what’s selling and how much for in your target Cherry Hill neighborhoods. Take the time to try to understand whats causing each home to sell for and get into the psychology of the buyer.

Remember, each sale is like a puzzle piece of a moving puzzle that makes up the real estate market.


Craigslist is an awesome site. You can always find deals out there. People write ads not thinking of how people are going to find it. Combing through New Jerseys craigslist daily can help you find some properties where the selling doesn’t think they could sell it through traditional means and that means less competition for you


LoopNet is where you big boss of commercial real estate investing.

If you want to sell to institutional investors, Realtors will tell you this is the place.

Sometimes there are great deals on LoopNet. Don’t forget you are competing with every other investor. If you are a Grade-A investor working with a top broker,  you are in a much better position to win.

LoopNet is a great place to learn about the market in Cherry Hill and see how the major money is moving which is another indicator at large for the area.

Auction.com Real Estate Investing

I don’t think I need to explain this one, but this is a great auction site for foreclosures, REOs, short sales, distressed properties, and land. They probably sell golden gooses too, worth a check.

Definitely take the time to check out some Cherry Hill auctions. You never know who you will meet there and network with that might help you level up.


The third-largest real estate listing platform, Realtor.com is another option for you to check out. Reviews for Realtor.com are good and they also have a blog.

You can set searches on there as well and hunt down a Realtor for you to work with to find the right investments. A serious investor needs to know what they are doing but a great real estate agent in the Realtor association will give you a huge edge since they are in the sauce.


Most investors overlook Walkscore.com or don’t know about it.

It will give you details about the area, what’s nearest to it so you can see if the area will be in demand. Proximity to key locations, especially transit are huge drivers for renters as well as home buyers so definitely see what’s next door.

If an area has a really high walkscore and low prices, chances are good that prices will rise in the next few years. Good walkability is a key factor in Cherry Hill investment, especially for the long-term hold and rentability factors.

FEMA Flood Maps

Some areas are known for flood issues and homes in flood zones are harder to sell. Make sure it isn’t in a flood zone so you don’t waste your time. If it’s in a flood zone it better come at a discount. We have sold a few, but they drag out so keep that in mind.


It’s a massive source for many investors and highly frequented by many investors. I mean, even the name is exciting! Check out these Real Estate Investing calculators.

Wholesale Deals

You’re probably flipping a real estate property. You can save money getting awesome deals on inventory and a really nice faucet can really tie the space together. Check out eBay. or one of our preferred vendors, Avidepot.com . It’s a tough website to navigate, and you can schedule a local pickup in New Jersey.


Yeah, you read that right. I mean that’s all we do and we spend all kinds of money on tools that give us an edge. Big bucks.  So why waste your time with all this when you can work with a top Realtor in Cherry Hill and throughout New Jersey.


Those tools will help you to understand the Cherry Hill area market if you take the time to use in your Cherry Hill real estate investing. Do your homework and you will have the confidence to make those offers and know your margins.

we love to partner up with investors to guide them to success. If you’re looking to find great local Cherry Hill investment properties just contact us!


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