The Probate Process for a Cherry Hill House

The Probate Process for a Cherry Hill House

ˆBuying and selling real estate is a big part of the economy everywhere in the world. Despite that, it’s a complicated matter. It’s further complicated as a buyer who isn’t understanding the probate process for a house in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

What is probate?

A probate is a legal process for selling the home of a deceased person. Now that the person has passed the will or lack of kicks in and the property is sold per those instructions left behind. This all occurs in probate courts. Oftentimes, they are the best deals that any buyer or seller might get in Cherry Hill, New Jersey…

Beginning the probate process for a house in Cherry Hill

This process begins once a person has passed away. Soon after, the seller must inform the courts. Then an attorney is appointed to handle the sale. Then the attorney advertises the property like any other piece of real estate. Pricing is based on the real estate agent’s suggestion using a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) as well as an independent appraisal ordered by the probate court.


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Property is on the market, what’s next?

Once you have your property advertised then it’s time to be patient. Based on the data provided by your top real estate agent you will have an expectation set as to the estimated time to sell it. Once an offer is in and accepted the final decision is made by the probate court.

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