5 Tips for handling “The One That Got Away”

the one that got away

You have found yourself in that situation. The house you already imagined yourself in is lost to you. It was everything you hoped for in a home. The kitchen, bathroom, to the perfect backyard for the family bbq.

Either it was the fierce bidding war or an owner that decides not to sell – things happen. How do you bounce back? Here are some great tips.

1. Get right back to the search

If you have to complain get over with it quickly and focus on what you can control. Not what the past holds (that’s depression). In today’s market, things move pretty fast. You might find yourself missing an even better home while your sulking about what could have been. Don’t let that be you.

2. Stop thinking and looking back on that property. Now.

Erase every picture you took with your phone. Do not compare the homes you’re seeing to the one you lost. There are lots of other properties that hold new possibilities for you. Keep your mind on the end goal.

3. Don’t freak out and buy just anything.

Don’t let your frustration hurry a purchase of the next property that looks alright. Relax. It will happen. Your agent will help you focus on the key things that you want in a home. If you want a 5 bedroom home and can afford it in that market than keep looking. Stay true to your needs list.

4. Re-evaluate your Purchasing Power.

Evaluate what you can spend and how that relates to the prices in your area. Maybe that 5 bedroom isn’t possible. You might need to be spending more than you thought, Or you might need to start looking at a less expensive neighborhood to find what you want.

5. Talk to an agent.

We will be full of advice for succeeding in your real estate adventure.


Cool fact: A high-performing agent sells more a month than most people buy in their lifetime!


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