The Buyers Journey


The buyer’s journey is usually filled with stress. Let’s review the numbers so you understand how we address these issues and guide you to winning the right home.


Here are the facts guys!


   Home Buyers need to place a tremendous amount of trust in us throughout the process,

which may explain why trustworthiness is the most important quality they look for

in an agent.


    Our Buyers look to our agents for recommendations on mortgage lenders (46

percent) and home inspectors (68 percent). They trust us to provide guidance

   on legal terms and requirements (82 percent), expertise on negotiating the offer

(79 percent), and much more.


   In the end, however, home buying remains deeply personal and emotional.

You’re denying the emotion part, but a nice kitchen has nothing to do with utility.


Buyers with kids want a lot, but they’ll compromise.


   Younger buyers with children have an especially long list of wants and needs

for a home that reflects the complexity of their lives and how they imagine their

lives will unfold as their children grow, attend school and make friends in the



  Among other things, they want the right-size home, the right

number of bedrooms, the preferred school district, the preferred neighborhood

and the potential for the home to grow in value.


The Key To Getting The Right Home


   Still, buyers are willing to trim their list of wants or bring more money to the

table if that’s what it takes to get a home. In the end, more than half of buyers

who stay within their budget (58 percent) make compromises to do so, and 23

percent of buyers pay More than they expect. Of those who compromise to stay

within their budget, 18 percent purchase a home without their desired finishes,

17 percent buy a smaller home than they originally sought and another 17

percent add to their commute.



   This is the hardest part to swallow for all of us with something in mind.

With limited inventory in most of our markets and intense competition, time

Simple is not on our side. If you see something you love you MUST see it ASAP.



After the journey, buyers are overwhelmingly happy


   At some point during their home-buying journey, 43 percent of buyers consider

renting, with 21 percent seriously considering it, likely a reflection of the

frustrations of managing all the moving parts of a home search and finding an

affordable place. So yes, this feeling is NORMAL if you’re having it!


   Even so, those who stay in the hunt are ultimately rewarded with a new home.

  For these buyers, any hassles along the way fade to background noise against the

happy sound of keys opening the door to their new home.


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