Selling your home? 4 signs that say contact an agent.


You might be thinking of selling your home on your own. Online listing sites may convince you into thinking that the process is simple. You know, take a few photos, buy a “For Sale” sign and the buyers will come, right? The process happens to be more complicated than that.

If you’re considering selling your home today, here are a few strong signs you should call a professional real estate agent.

1. Not sure what your home is worth?


Calculating the right price for your home happens to be an art and a science of its own. Price your home too high and it can end up sitting on the market, stagnant. Priced low, you could end up leave money behind that you could have gained in the sale. Agents are equipped with special tools that allow them access to the most current information about how much homes in your neighborhood sold for and how long they sat on the market. Agents use their deep knowledge of local and national market factors and the specifics of your particular home to calculate the right price and strategy for the home.

2. You’re losing sleep because this sale will be the biggest financial transaction of your life


Let the agent worry. That’s part of their job. To deal with the hardest issues for you. Rest easier with an agent. Did you know that research finds you’ll make more money with an agent as well? The typical FSBO (for sale by owner) home sold for $185,000 in 2015, compared to $240,000 for homes sold by an agent according to NAR. The numbers don’t lie.

3. You can’t decide what to do with the decor before selling

This may hit home. Your favorite magazine might say that plum is the new color, but does that apply to your area? Is that what works there? Designers and some agents carry this intimate level of knowledge on which features and styles are currently selling in your market. Reach out to your local experts for these decisions.

4. You think “staging” means cleaning


So you cleaned the home and you think that’s the final step. Agents generally know how to show off your home’s best features and can help point out any additional de-cluttering that might be needed or a simple tweak to your furniture arrangement. For maximum impact, you can reach out to a professional stager.


  Did you know? Potential thieves never know when you are home. There have been many cases where people would try to contact agents to determine if the homeowner was vacated from the home. Additionally, we protect you from situations where unknown and unscreened people enter your home. As agents, we screen and take these risks.

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