Why Savvy Buyers Buy in the Fall

fall buying

With Warm temperatures, Summer has traditionally been the hot season for buying and selling real estate. Don’t discount these awesome advantages that are available when autumn hits.

Year-end tax breaks

Closing before December 31st on a property means you get to discount any property tax and mortgage interest for that year. This could dramatically reduce your due to Uncle Sam.

Less Competition

In an average year, nearly half of all sales occur between May to August. Although most people wait until the Springtime you will likely encounter less competition on a property. That means less stress and a reduced chance you will get stuck in a bidding war.

Eager Sellers

Sellers become more motivated to sell when their property has sat on the market, especially when the summer days are behind us. A home that has sat on the market usually can be picked up as a bargain this time of year.

Cheaper Moving Prices

Unless you have someone at home with the strength of thor your gonna need a mover. With the season slowing movers are more available on your schedule and offer reduced prices to keep their staff busy. It’s a win-win.

Quicker Transactions

Motivated sellers coupled with less busy title companies usually means faster closings and oftentimes better service. Afterall, they aren’t juggling many clients.


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