Well, you’re in luck because this informational video unveils the thousand-year-old mystery scientists have been studying behind the age-old question, “What in the world is that???”

Sound about right?

Wouldn’t you love some privacy, peace & quiet, and not have to deal with rude, loud and inconsiderate neighbors? How about that rent money going to waste every month? Dealing with a landlord and waiting forever for the maintenance people to fix the plumbing? Cause who needs that anyways.

If you’re done with the loud music, loud televisions, loud sex, and loud fights, call a ninja, or call Omry Gottlib 929-777-5185 and start enjoying the peacefulness of homeownership for a change.

I could list a hundred reasons why owning a home is better than renting, but not having to deal with inconsiderate neighbors would be in the top three! Saving money and building equity would be #1, and having a home to do whatever you want with is #2. Besides, when you aren’t sharing walls with neighbors, you can be as loud and obnoxious as you want!