Marketing Your Home Online Using High-Tech Tools

Marketing Your Home Online Using High-Tech Tools

Selling your home online is a lot like online dating. To stand out from the crowd, your home’s “profile” needs to look fantastic. No matter if you’ve played up your curb appeal or made those special upgrades on the inside, these days it’s all about marketing your home online. In fact, a recent survey from found that 72% of home buyers are spending 1-3 hours on an average day looking for a home online. There are lots of options, from leveraging the power of the internet to amplify your listing to filling in the blanks for a future owner by arranging some imaginary furniture. Employing even one or two of these high-tech tricks can help your listing show off its best assets, and grab the attention of a potential buyer.


Real estate websites offer you a variety of options to even list your home and some can even help you save money in the process. Websites like  can help you get on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to be syndicated across other major real estate portals and reach a broad audience. Then make sure your listing looks right, down to key details such as square footage, age of the house and even price. They offer a variety of resources and checklists to guide you through the process.


Visual appeal matters a lot online: It can make the difference between a potential buyer scheduling a tour and skipping your listing. While bringing in furniture and décor to stage your home can cost thousands, virtual staging is a lot more affordable (and so much more fun!). Companies such as Padstyler can produce stunningly realistic staged shots with beautiful furniture layouts for as little as $59 per picture.


A potential buyer doesn’t have to wait to step inside your place if you provide a 360-degree, 3-D virtual tour online. 3D tours allow future homeowners to walk through your house without being there. Potential buyers can use this technology to get a feel for the layout and travel through spaces. These types of tours are especially great if you’re looking to attract a long-distance buyer. Companies like Matterport can create an interactive tour for as little as $50.


If you’ve got a high-end property, you may want to create a virtual magazine that highlights its best features. Digital flipbook makers such as 3D Issue have templates that let you create online or printable publications on a single subject — in this case, your house. You can include splashy photos, neighborhood stats and closeups of all the best details. The finished product will look like a magazine that prospective buyers can download or read online.


Look up! Drone photography can provide an impressive aerial and exterior view of a home and its surrounding neighborhood. Areas that used to be the domain of a Hollywood-style crane or a helicopter can now be reached by a flying robot with an attached camera. Some companies rent these devices out to people who want to shoot the photos themselves, while others can be hired to do the filming for you.


Not surprisingly, homes often sell through Facebook. After all, you trust your friends, and if a friend is sharing a listing, there’s a high level of trust and interest that goes along with it. Share your listing through your social media profile, and you may find a buyer through your network, or have your home shared around until a friend-of-a-friend buyer emerges.


By marketing your home online, you can help to attract a new audience to your listing. Are you currently using modern technology to your advantage?


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