Home Staging Ideas You Can Do Yourself In Cherry Hill

Home Staging Ideas You Can Do Yourself In Cherry Hill

ˆWhen putting your house on the market one critical part is the preparation and presentation of the home to the market. That’s pretty critical if you want to net the most money for your home. A well-done staging job is a major advantage. Think about where we look at homes today. As online home shoppers! The hard part is dealing with the costs of home staging, something we assist our clients with. Professional staging averages $300-$1000+ for the initial design consultation followed by a monthly per room fee that can vary highly in price. You can, however, make some of these updates yourself.  The data from NAR shows how valuable it is. Below find some home staging ideas you can do in Cherry Hill.

Image via NAR Profile of Home Staging
Image via NAR Profile of Home Staging


Home Staging Ideas

New Window Treatment installations

Today’s modern new construction homes in Cherry Hill bleed light throughout and have a light and airy feel. That means the first thing you should do is get rid of heavy drapes and lighten up the space, letting natural light in. We recommend lighter colored window treatments like sheer or floor-length curtains. These new window treatments will make your home appear spacious, airy, and fresh.

Accent the space with Mirrors

Another one of the home staging ideas you can do in Cherry Hill is to add some mirrors, strategically placed. It will make your space feel even more spacious and bright (Think new construction feel). Mirrors are also a beautiful focal point and add a touch of style to your home. The mirror must match the current style of the image you are trying to create or the current things within the home to have that polished feel. Try Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace for great easy finds or get some new mirrors. 

Compliment the space with Rugs

New rugs are always one of the great DIY staging ideas in Cherry Hill. They help add a splash of brightness to a room and tie in the space. Key Tip! The rugs need to be the right size so they don’t look funny and match the space. Even a simple rug can transform things. A good rule of thumb is that the seatings legs should at least be touching the rug. Get Some here

Get Fancy with White Towels

The bedrooms are important to any home buyer. The size, layout, closets all matter. But the next thing that matters is the bathrooms. They are important to home buyers. A great way to give the bathroom a spa-like feeling is white towels. Properly placed they look fresh and clean. White is usually the best, but light, monochromatic hues, can work depending on your home.

Depersonalize Your Home, Please

Perhaps the biggest sin of most homeowners that sell is not depersonalizing. That’s what makes it one of the best home staging ideas you can do yourself in Cherry Hill. You’ve put a lot of time and effort into making it your home. But those things don’t appeal to home buyers. Buyers need to be able to imagine themself in the home. Those 100 pictures of grandma covering the hallway are making the home feel like a cavern. Clean open space. You need to remove family photos, highly unique items, and any personal clutter. The home should look like new. That you have taken care of it.

Buying a home is a sensory experience

You walk through the home. You see it. You also Feel it. You definitely smell it. Old school real estate agents would have the homeowner bake chocolate chip cookes. It works. That smell of home companied by the good looks helps set the experience for someone to fall in love. Make sure the basement doesnt smell moldy. If it does, time to get a dehumidifier and air it out. Get some Candles or equivalent and give it a nice scent. Nothing strong.

Use an Agent with Staging Expertise

Spending a fortune on professional staging to sell your home isn’t a must. There are plenty of home staging ideas you can do yourself in Cherry Hill. It does help to have an idea of EXACTLY what people are looking for though. A good real estate agent can be a great asset, but specifically, an agent that has an understanding of these things.  Omry Gottlib and the Gott Real Estate team, Realtors at REMAX have that experience.

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