What a Great Realtor Boils Down To


Today I received a compliment. You’re a great salesman she told me.  I cringed.

  Why did I cringe?

Because really, what comes to mind when most people think ‘salesman’?  We have almost all been taken advantage of by an automobile dealer. His ‘sales’ skills just great?

A good Realtor, I feel, is far from that. The Gott Re Team, of which I am part of, has the approach of a consultant.

My client was pleased to see the homes were within the lower price point requested and complimented me for laying out the showings so that no time was lost.

So What Did I Say?

I told her,

“a good salesperson would sell you the higher priced home. I know you could afford it. I am a consultant. I give you what you need based on your request and adjust it when I find it needs adjusting. You wanted size and to add your own touches. We provide what you need to help you make the right choices.”

What is most important to you… your home… your safe place of relaxation.

The biggest purchase most people make in their lives.

Trust it to us, where trust is earned and professionalism is standard.

When Better Is Expected, I’m here.

– Omry Gottlib


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