General Questions

Im not sure what area is best for me?

That’s normal when you are first shopping for a home and trying to find the right one. You just need a bit of guidance. Someone who won’t be overwhelmed by the information and can interpret and provide you the most up-to-date information. That’s what Omry Gottlib and the Gott Real Estate Team do!

Schedule an appointment Here and let’s figure it out.

How are you Different?

How we are different is that we bring modern technology into the picture to help streamline the home finding and closing process for both buyers and sellers. We utilize the cutting edge and we understand it. Omry Gottlib, team lead of the Gott Real Estate Group with Remax Preferred, is a digital marketing expert which means we understand how to use and apply these tools to get you the best deal, fast.

Are you full-service agents?

Yes! All of our Real Estate Agents offer full service, whether you’re buying or selling they are there to support you. They will guide you through the entire process, from the first day to closing and then your kids’ home.  They provide you all of the help and resources you need to ensure the best possible outcome & home buying or selling experience.

What happens if I don't like the real estate agent Gott Real Estate sends me?

We pride ourselves on hiring the best quality real estate agents possible. We do, however, recognize that everyone has different goals & personalities that may not mesh. If you arent happy with the real estate agent we send you, let us know! Gott Real Estate will make it right!

Why do I have to pay the buyer's agent?

BUYERS, You Don’t!


SELLERS… The reality is that a vast majority of buyers are working with a realtor. The best way to sell a home quickly — and for top dollar — is to properly incentivize their real estate agents.

If a buyer agent commission isn’t offered the home buyers will have to pay out of their own pockets for the service.

It will also likely disincentivize the buyer’s agent from showing your property at all and we have seen that happen before too. As a Buyer’s agent, you spend a considerable amount of money and time working with clients to find a home. No one works for free. We cant expect that. We also can’t expect a listing agent to have ALL of the homebuyers either. Oftentimes, as a  Listing agent, we will offer a credit if he ends up getting BOTH the buyer and seller back to the home seller.

Even if you go and FSBO (For Sale By Owner) your home you will have to at least pay the buyer’s agent fee – 3% – out of the proceeds.

How do I find the right Realtor for me?

When you’re buying or selling a house, you’ll likely reach out for professional help from a real estate agent. But how to choose? There are Realtors and just plain real estate agents, part-time and full-time agents, family friends who are in the business, maybe even neighbors down the street.

Finding the right agent for home sellers

The days are gone where a real estate broker places a sign in the yard, enters it into (the Multiple Listing Service), and waiting for the sale. Today people shop online and real estate mega agents sell nearly 90% of the homes on the market. This means you need to be able to set up the home to win for everybody.

Finding the right agent for homebuyers

You want an agent that can fight for you, not the home seller. Someone who is sharp and can negotiate in your favor, who understands the market.


  1. Conduct Interviews ( Some mega teams combine reviews to look huge, which means that the real estate agent might not be the hotshot.)
  2.  Review Past Sales
  3.  Confirm the agent is ‘up with the times’
  4.  Make sure they understand the data
  5.  Do they have a strategy specific to your home?


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Buying A House

Why do I need a buyer's agent?

It’s not required that you buy with a real estate agent, but it’s highly recommended. Buyer’s agents have the experience, resources, and market knowledge to guide you and to find properties that meet your needs while staying within budget and schedule them in proper order so you don’t end up zip zagging all over town. They negotiate with the home sellers to get you the best possible price. In 2020, 87% of buyers purchased their home through a real estate agent.

Did I forget to mention?  In almost all cases the home seller pays the commission fees so the service is at no cost to you. Even a FSBO (For sale by owner) property pays out a buyer’s agent fee..

Do I have to pay any fees when working with a Realtor?

Nope! It’s 100% free. You won’t have to pay your agent a thing. The home seller is responsible for those fees only in the case that you buy a home.

Should I buy or rent a home?

Should buy or rent a home? Renting a home is definitely cheaper, but buying a home comes with more long-term benefits. The rent you pay goes into a home. Also, you need to speak to one of our lenders to see what it would cost you per month with all of the details, like taxes, insurance, HOA and see what that looks like a month. You need to see how much you need for closing. All this can be done during a consultation. Once you know how much you want to deal with every month you can make a better choice.

When should I apply for a mortgage pre-approval?

Oftentimes homebuyers make the mistake of getting a mortgage pre-approval only after they find the perfect home. But usually, that slight delay last minute in a hot market means you will lose the home. Don’t go with a prequalification because those don’t get taken seriously between us real estate agents. We have seen deals blow up because of it. Show the home seller you are serious and be prepared. They don’t want to risk keeping their home on the market and having everyone ask them why it’s sitting too long because they risked it with anything less than a pre-approval!

Is it possible to buy a home and sell my current one simultaneously?

It is possible to do both at the same time, but you need to prepare and strategize carefully so that the timing is right. That means having your home perfect so it selling quickly and for top money but it also means pre-packing and previewing the market while you prepare the home. You want to know what’s out there so when you find the right one you won’t doubt your decision and be able to move swiftly and time it all just right.

Feel free to reach out so we can explain this better since it is complicated, but we will simplify it for you!

Can I still back out of a deal?

Yes, buyers are legally allowed to back out from purchasing a home. The only catch is that you can lose your earnest money deposit if you are too far along the process. There are exceptions to this. Feel free to reach out and we can detail it to you. Don’t be afraid that you can’t.

Can I trust my real estate agent?

If you’re asking me this and you have one I’m afraid you can’t. Your real estate agent should inspire confidence when you ask them questions. Listen carefully to how they respond. Look at their online reviews. Interview one or two agents to see the difference so that you have something to compare to. A good agent should ask a lot of questions to get a better feel for what you are looking for. Everything should be patiently explained.

Selling A House

Why do I need a realtor to sell my home?

Selling a home is a complicated process.  Unless you’re a real estate expert who’s well-versed in evaluating real estate comparables to determine pricing, comprehend local real estate market trends, negotiations, legal documents, and more … chances are you would benefit from some help.

There’s a reason approximately 91% of home sellers opt to work with realtors: real estate agents have the experience, resources, and local market expertise. This means you get the best possible offer in the shortest amount of time.

Is 2021 a good year to sell a home?

HEADING INTO 2021, real estate market specialists are foreseeing a time of popularity and rising home costs, coupled with low rates.. After an underlying drop in real estate market action the previous spring corresponding with stay-at-home requests from the government, home buying and selling bounced back rapidly. Homebuyers are anxious to move, yet the low stockpile of homes available in numerous states are adding to rising home costs. This means it stays difficult of a market that benefits property holders who are deciding to sell now.

In case you’re going back and forth about selling, you have a couple of decisions: You can put your house for sale to be purchased soon to exploit the current interest, you can stand by out the pandemic (however long that takes) for a more distinctive image of things to come of the economy, or you can select to remain in your present home for years to come.

Here are three reasons you should sell your home in 2021, alongside three reasons you may profit by pausing:

Sell in 2021: Interest rates are relied upon to stay low.

Sell in 2021: You have a starter home.

Sell in 2021: You need to move.

Hold back to sell: You just renegotiated.

Stand by to sell: You’re stressed overbearing the cost of your next buy.

Hold back to sell: You’re stressed over finding your next home.


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How can I sell my house quickly on the market?

  1. Clean and declutter.
  2. Pick a selling strategy.
  3. Set an attractive price.
  4. Invest in minor repairs.
  5. Stage and add curb appeal.
  6. Use professional photography.
  7. Create a listing strategy.
  8. Time your sale right.

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How can I get the most money for selling my house?

  1. Understand your local market
  2. Choose the right time to sell
  3. Set the right price
  4. Understand how much it really costs to sell a home
  5. Determine how you’re going to sell
  6. Consider minor renovations that add value at minimal cost
  7. Negotiate the best offer – not just the highest offer

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Is Zillow a good way to sell your house?

If you are looking to have Zillow buy your house. Forbes Magazine says Zillow may offer you 10% – 15% percent less than what local realtors in New Jersey could sell your home for. At least!

That’s how all home flippers function: buy low, then resell for a profit.

Think about this: Zillow needs to make a profit reselling your house because they are a business like any other. They are not a charity, either.

So it’s safe to say you will probably not get the same top dollar return you could get listing it yourself, or with a real estate agent and holding open houses. Real estate agents get you more for your house, consistently per the Realtors association studies conducted.


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Investing & Misc

What is the most expensive house in NJ?

What is the most expensive house in NJ?

Listed at $36 Million (Yes, with an M) this nineteen bathroom mansion is a must-see in Alpine, Bergen County, New Jersey. It boasts 30,000 square feet of living space, sporting an elevator, martini parlor and a heated driveway so nice and warm maybe you can just convince them to let you camp outside! Everyone can’t stop talking about it. See the rest of the most expensive homes in New Jersey Here.


  • Address: 1 Frick Dr, Alpine, New Jersey
  • Price: $36,000,000
  • Square Feet:
  • Bedrooms: 12
  • Bathrooms: 15 Full and 4 Half Baths
  • Features: An American Masterpiece Located in one of the nation’s wealthiest zip codes, over 30, 000 sq.ft. of luxurious living space only 8 miles from Manhattan. Reception rooms of grand scale proportions include a ballroom, martini parlor, his and her libraries, formal living room, formal dining room, north and south art galleries, and wine tasting room. 12 bedroom suites. Rare woods, stone, marble, and 12′ high ceilings throughout. Elevator to all levels. Pool house w/kitchen, 65′ saltwater gunite pool, and tennis court. Heated driveway, and gated motor court. Generator, fire suppression system, advanced security system, and smart house technology. Situated on 6 acres on the only guard-gated St. in Alpine. Nothing quite like it.


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Where can I invest in real estate in NJ?

You can invest anywhere, really. Everyone needs a home or place to work out of. You will want to focus though on key areas of growth such as location, rentability, and your return on investment.

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Is Jersey City real estate a good investment?

With record-low mortgage rates here, now is a great time. Also, this market there still has room for growth! You can see it driving around and seeing all these neighborhoods cleaning up. It’s a beautiful thing and you can be part of it!

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Should you buy investment property now?

With record-low mortgage rates here, is now a good time to invest in real estate? The money is cheap right now and the real answer will be to determine where and what you are doing with the property. Anytime is a good time if the deal is right! Dont forget that!


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Do you Sell Homes Outside of New Jersey?

Yes, we support home sales in other real estate markets, either through ourselves or partner organizations. Lets chat and we will set you up with the right real estate agent.


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What is a mansion tax in NJ?

The mansion tax applies to real estate purchases over $1 million. It is a 1 percent tax imposed on such purchases, which means that you or your buyer will pay a minimum of $10,000 to satisfy the New Jersey mansion tax.


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