Can I Sell My House During Coronavirus in Cherry Hill?

Can I Sell My House During Coronavirus in Cherry Hill?
ˆWell, it’s safe to say we are dealing with some interesting times. It seems like forever ago now when COVID-19 entered the scene and threw a wrench into everyone’s lives. As we are all adapting to the times Louis Vuitton has a fancy mask ready for ya but we’re all really wondering when the world is going to end. Well, it has not.
Homes are still selling! More things have gone virtual (I mean look at Zoom stocks!). New Jersey is a strong state and our country is strong. Adapting is what we do. Omry Gottlib and The Gott Real Estate Team, Realtors with REMAX are dedicated to assisting you with all of your real estate needs even when the world seems on its head. Below find some of the questions we have been getting since it all started. If you have any questions, we are here ready to serve.

Can you still sell your house during the coronavirus pandemic?

For sure! and what a great time to sell! There are a ton of houses selling with Realtors as well as direct home buyer purchases. Usually, buyers are online searching for homes and more than ever, have time and motivation to do it. Zillow,, and Facebook have reported that there is an increase in the number of people looking for homes. The market stats reinforce that with home sale prices climbing up and time on market dropping.

What if I need to sell right away?

Are you perhaps in a difficult situation? We’ve spoken to those who are in foreclosure. We spoke with clients who needed to sell their real estate before buying another home, those who have a tenant in their property as well as couples dealing with divorce and needing help to sell. We understand your need and your concerns as we help people every day with these circumstances. Know we are here to help and will do whatever is needed to get your house sold fast while still getting you top dollar. That’s what a Top Realtor does, consistently.

How can Omry Gottlib & The Gott Real Estate Team, Realtors at REMAX help me sell my house in Cherry Hill NJ during Corona Virus?

The first thing we will do is set up a consultation and map out our selling goals and review your situation.  We are available to talk on Zoom, Google Hangout, or Facetime; Anything that you are most comfortable with. With modern technology, we can even do a property walkthrough all through a video conference meeting while you sit cozy at home in your favorite pajamas without ever having to get ready for a formal sitdown. No matter what we are here to adapt and serve you as best possible, get your home’s value using the CMA process, and work together to get the home sold fast.

Should I wait for the Coronavirus to be over before trying to sell my house?

That would be crazy in New Jersey. So far you have about 50% less competition on average. Buyers have increased as well. Some are holding off, but not most who have cabin fever, those leaving New York and Philadelphia. There are a ton of people out there ready to buy a home right now. The market is in desperate need of inventory. By Starting the process now of selling your Cherry Hill real estate you will be placed to win big!

Can I stay in the house until this is all over?

For sure! You may hesitant to sell right now, but we have taken massive measures to keep you safe during these times. Gloves, masks, and all the safety precautions have been taken. We are flexible and can sell your house during the Coronavirus pandemic.


So You Want To Sell?

Your contract includes a coronavirus clause

We include a COVID-19 pandemic clause in your contract that lets us extend closings and have home sale cancellations without any of the legal or financial repercussions for either buyer or seller. This means that buyers may back out without losing their earnest money, but not to worry, that very rare.

For the most up to date information on how COVID-19 is affecting our local real estate market in Cherry Hill just reach out to a top real estate agent. Our Top Realtors track daily updates and evolving COVID-19 regulations.

We are well equipped to help you determine the marketability of your home at this time and answer your questions and provide you with a contactless home assessment.

If a difficult situation has arisen because of COVID-19 and may be forcing you to sell we are here for you. Our team understands. We are here to help you and are prepared to help you with and challenges. Feel free to reach out to us at any time!

CDC Tips

For the most up to date tips to stay safe see The CDC website which is always updating its information to help keep people protected. We are all in this together, so stay safe!

If you have any other questions Omry Gottlib and the Gott Real Estate Team, Realtors at REMAX are always available to assist.

Learn about our Selling or Buying process and get prepared.

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