4 Cheap "Wow" Home Staging Ideas in Cherry Hill

4 Cheap "Wow" Home Staging Ideas in Cherry Hill

ˆHome staging is one of the most important aspects of any home sale and as a result, it’s important. The more “wow” your home has to potential buyers, the faster you sell your home. Omry Gottlib and the Gott Real Estate Team, top Realtors with REMAX are specialists with selling homes and staging in Cherry Hill and throughout New Jersey. Feel free to reach out to us with questions. With that in mind, let’s explore four home staging ideas that won’t break the bank and get you an awesome bang for the buck.

Clean The Place Until It Shines

In reality, we all want as close to a new home as we can get and the best way to give the impression of new is to clean the place until it is absolutely spotless. Here are the BEST cleaning supplies for that. Remember, you want the floors clean so people think they were installed yesterday because clean floors are “wow”. They have special cleaners that make it literally look your Cherry Hill home has new floors. Clean the walls, windows, and mirrors. All together it will give the home a fresh new feel. Ask any Top Realtor. Buyers will be checking every little detail making this one of the most important of these home staging ideas.

Buy New Slip Covers And Sheet Sets

Your furniture is probably starting to look dated. A quick fix is investing in new slipcovers. These can be color-matched to the rest of the room’s palette so that your furniture fits in. It is also a great idea to buy new, matching sheet sets on all of the beds. The bedrooms don’t need to be brand new, but as clean and airy as possible. Remember home staging ideas are about trying to sell the home quickly so presentation matters in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

Invest In Better Lighting For Important Rooms

When was the last time you paid attention to the bulbs in your light fixtures and lamps?  Are you using different color temperature bulbs in the home? It is best to try to match the color temperature of the bulbs throughout the home. Ask any Realtor and they will tell you it really sticks out. Additionally, key rooms might benefit from a light fixture upgrade. You can easily change light fixtures and they can completely transform a space in your Cherry Hill, New Jersey Home.

Use Plants To Add A Bit Of Warmth And Life

Another cool tip that probably didnt cross your mind is plants. Most homes lack a bit of green and adding one or two plants that can survive an apocalypse with give you a pop of color and liven up the space.


Spending a few hours and a couple of bucks on home staging is an investment that will pay off big time when you sell your home. Just look at the data. If you are thinking about listing your home for sale, or for more home staging ideas, contact Omry Gottlib and the Gott Real Estate Team, top Realtors with REMAX. We are happy to share our experience and help get your home sold quickly at a great price. For additional renovation tips, read more.



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