East Brunswick Township

East Brunswick Real Estate Market

East Brunswick’s 22.5 square miles is home to a diverse population of 47,512 per the 2010 census.
A safe place to live, East Brunswick's incredibly convenient location and community have fostered a dynamic supply of desirable residential developments, Blue Ribbon schools, shopping centers, and office complexes.
Additionally, East Brunswick has a stellar public transportation system, which helps its residents commute to work if they choose to not drive their own vehicle.

East Brunswick

East Brunswick NJ Homes For Sale

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East Brunswick Homes For Sale


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Things to do in East Brunswick


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East Brunswick Contact Information

East Brunswick Utility Information

  • Water & Sewer: 732-257-8313
  • Electricity: 1-800-662-3115
  • Natural Gas: 732-938-1000
  • Phone Landline service: 732-238-3300
  • Internet, Phone & Cable Television: 732-238-3300
  • Garbage Services: 732-390-6984


East Brunswick City & Public Services


  • Administrative Offices: 732-390-6810
  • Animal Control: 732-390-6960
  • Business Licenses (City): 732-390-6850
  • City Hall: 732-390-6810
  • Codes Administration: 732-390-6875
  • Codes Inspection: 732-390-6875
  • Economic and Community Development: 732-390-6870
  • Emergency Management Office: 732-390-6947
  • Finance Department: 732-390-6860
  • Fire Department: 732-257-1505
  • Mayor’s Office: 732-390-6810
  • Parks and Recreation: 732-390-6806
  • Police Department: 911 or Phone: 732-390-6916
  • Library: 732-390-6950


East Brunswick School District Information


  • East Brunswick School District: 732-613-6700